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Expert: North Korea Won’t Mess With The United States Because They Know Trump Will Kill Kim Jong-Un First

Experts believe that despite its belligerence, Kim Jong-Un doesn’t really want a war with Donald Trump. That’s because, according to former American UN mission spokesman Jonathan Wachtel, North Korean dictator Jong-Un knows perfectly well that Trump would kill him first.

From Conservative Post:

It comes as North Korea revealed it will continue to enhance its nuclear capabilities in 2018 despite pressure from international sanctions to back down. 

Jonathan Wachtel said: “Kim Jong-un knows that if war breaks out, he is probably one of the first casualties.”

Citing despots Muammar Qaddafi and Iraq’s Saddam Hussein as examples, Mr Wachtel added that Kim Jong-un’s nuclear weapons programme was the North Korean leader “trying to survive”.

He went on: “They didn’t have nuclear deterrents… both those dictators are dead.

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