Uh-Oh! Liberals Are SHOCKED After Reports of Obama Administration Being Tainted By Sexual Misconduct

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While liberals have been quick to label President Donald Trump and Republicans as sexist, a new report suggests that former President Barack Obama’s presidency was tainted by allegations of sexual misconduct.

As Reported By the The Washington Post:

The Department of Justice’s inspector general reported that the department was marred with “systemic” issues regarding sexual harassment complaints in the past five years.

While the Post reported on apparent sexual misconduct running amok, the left-leaning paper failed to mention Obama and former Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, which one could assume was an attempt to shield them from any responsibility.

The DOJ required “high level action” to combat the rampant issue, which also included ignoring or mishandling complaints of sexual misconduct, according to the IG’s report.

The Post report revealed that the number of sexual misconduct allegations has continued to increase in the past five years, and includes “senior Justice Department officials across the country.”

With allegations of sexual misconduct rocking the nation in recent months, one should question why Post reporter Sari Horwitz failed to mention that the “most troubling allegations” from the IG’s report involved senior Obama administration officials.

According to the IG’s report, one woman, who claimed she was repeatedly groped and endured “sexually charged comments,” said she became so disturbed by her harasser that she “was terrified I was going to get in the elevator and he would be in there.”

On top of sheer negligence from senior Obama administration officials, the IG’s report stated that the DOJ also ignored “potential criminal assault violations.”

Despite these serious allegations, the IG’s office “found no evidence in the case file that a referral was made to the (Inspector General) or any other law enforcement entity.”

As noted by the Daily Caller, Theodore Atkinson, who worked in the DOJ  as an attorney in the Office of Immigration Litigation under Holder, admitted that he stalked a co-worker and hacked into her personal email account — yet he only received a “written reprimand and reduction in title.”

So it seems that it’s not just the Republican/Trump White House that are the “bad guys,” is it, Liberals? When the microscope is held up, and the Dems are scrutinized, they’re the real problems. What a bunch of hypocritical B.S.

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