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Jimmy Kimmel Uses His Sick Son as a ‘Prop’ To Bash Trump – This Is DISGUSTING Behavior!

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Jimmy Kimmel used to be a genuinely funny guy, but now he’s just rubbing most Americans the wrong way by trying to take a leading role in the “resistance” against President Trump, with particular emphasis on his “battle” over Trump’s efforts to repeal Obamacare.


Such was the case when Kimmel used his young son, Billy, as a prop just days after the toddler had endured open-heart surgery:

From Conservative Post:

No question, Kimmel’s tearful, impassioned pleas pull on the heart strings.

The only problem? His monologue was laced with lies spoon-fed to the millionaire television host by his Democratic Party handlers.

As Townhall reported, no one’s dying under Trump’s economic policies, which in the long-run will benefit far more Americans than Obamacare ever did:

As for CHIP, House Republicans passed a five-year renewal of the program in early November, with most lower chamber Democrats voting against the measure because they opposed how the legislation is paid for.

The report adds, “Liberals like Kimmel may not agree with the GOP’s funding mechanisms, but that’s a very different argument than accusing heartless Republicans of allowing the funds to expire. Choking back tears and holding his son in his arms, Kimmel excoriated Republicans for ‘putting a tax cut that mostly goes to rich people ahead of the lives of children,’ a reference to the still-pending funding extension for CHIP, a popular and bipartisan healthcare program.

Kimmel is getting more and more pathetic as time goes on. Maybe if he stops listening to his secret liberal benefactors, and starts writing his own material again without the political slant, things will pick up for him again.



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