JOY REID: Obama Bailouts Were A Bigger Tax Cut Than Trump’s

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Joy Reid’s unabashed hate for all things Trump is causing more than a few misfires in logic, but to claim that former President Obama’s stimulus package was “a bigger tax cut” than the recently-passed GOP plan? Well, that’s a whole other level of bizarre.

During a Friday panel discussion on Hardball with Chris Matthews featuring the host, Reid, The Washington Post’s Ruth Marcus, and Republican political consultant John Brabender (because apparently MSNBC thinks 3 against 1 is “fair and balanced”), Reid equated giving money away for free to cutting taxes.

Matthews cut to Brabender first, who defended the tax plan by explaining that middle income, working families would see a rise in take-home pay. “Believe me, they’re going to be very happy,” Brabender said.

“Hang on one sec,” said Marcus. “President Obama, when he engineered a very — pretty small rise in take-home pay, you know how much political credit he got for it? Nada.”

Then Reid jumped in:

“It was a bigger tax cut than this,” said the MSNBC host. “The stimulus bill was a bigger tax cut than this. People look and say wait a minute, these guys are flying around on private jets, laughing at me, they’re getting millions of dollars. Donald Trump and his fat cat friends are scooping up all the money. And they’re going to cut my health care. They’re going to cut Medicaid. And they gave me 18 bucks? Easy messaging.”

Watch the video here:

Reid’s misconception is par for the course for liberals, who equate a giveaway with a tax cut because they think it’s all the government’s money anyway.

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