Records Show Exactly How Many Immigrants Made It Into The Country Under Obama – And The Number Is STAGGERING

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No one can ever say that Donald Trump is soft on immigration, but the same cannot be said for his predecessor. According to DHS reports, former President Barack Obama granted permanency for over 9 MILLION immigrants, and that’s not even counting how many illegals were able to slip in.

From Conservative Post:

New data from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) shows that former President Barack Obama granted permanent lawful residence to nearly nine million migrants. That isn’t counting the migrants who have found shelter in the country illegally, thanks to Obama’s soft stance on immigration.

The numbers are stark evidence that Obama consciously encouraged mass migration to the United States. It’s hard to dispute that immigrants are woven deeply into America’s fabric — the U.S. is a nation of settlers — but who they are and how many there are does matter.

DHS’s data shows that nearly nine million legal immigrants came to the United States under the Obama administration. This is a number nearly equal to the number of unemployed American citizens, Breitbart noted.

Additionally, Obama’s final year in office saw near record numbers of green cards issued.

Obama’s annual inflow fell short of only those of President George H.W. Bush, whose administration saw the windfall of the 1986 Reagan amnesty plan that granted some 5.38 million green cards to foreigners. An average of 1.29 million immigrants per year gained legal status under Bush, compared to 1.05 million per year under Obama.

According to the report, roughly 1.2 million migrants obtained lawful permanent residence in the country in 2016. This number doesn’t account for the roughly 400,000 illegal immigrants who were caught at the border and sent back — and the unknown amount of others who actually made it into the country.

While these numbers are truly shocking, it’s nice to know that our current leader is working to undo these kinds of trends, and keep America for Americans.

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