Totalitarian Regime And Forgetful Liberal Politicians Attempts To Dictate to POTUS

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For some odd reason the leaders of Iran are functioning under the very mistaken belief that their practice of holding “Death to America” rallies will somehow intimidate our President’s or cause him to give a rodents hindquarters what they and their theocratic republic think about American policy, specifically American policies on Israel.

That could possibly explain Iran’s recent vitriol concerning the Trump administration’s plans to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, something that other Presidential administrations have been promising for multiple decades but have thus far failed to deliver on.

Of course various administrations dealt with the nation of Iran from a different position, basically a position that involved a lot of bowing and airplanes full of tons of cash. One such idiot simpleton oh hell, let’s go with “architect” of the policy of pacification would be Ben “Give ’em what they want” Rhodes, who was plenty steamed about the Trump administrations plans to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Ben apparently forgot that his former boss made the following commitments to Israel

But in defense of all the Obama administrative political experts (you know the ones who told us that Iran would never develop nuclear weapons?) those promises were made by candidate Barack Obama who would later go on to tell even bigger and bolder lies (such as, “sure you can keep your doctor”)

It wasn’t as if Obama’s regime administration wasn’t the greatest most politically savvy bunch of foreign policy experts ever, why the nuances and intricacies involved in the many ways in which they trashed our allies in front of the United Nations and even went so far as to call Benjamin Netanyahu (Isreael’s Prime Minister) “chickenshit” are legendary and still spoken of with awe whenever diplomats gather together.

Of course it’s not just the Obama era hacks who have short memories, Sean Hannity’s website provided two exceptional examples of liberals with bad cases of amnesia they are Diane Feinstein who tweeted a copy of a letter she wrote to President Trump telling him what a horrible, horrible, horrible idea recognizing Israel’s capital would be

But apparently ‘forgot’ that time when she was totally for it, as Hannity’s staff explained

“Feinstein was singing a different tune back in 1995 when she voted for a law that authorized the relocation of the American embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem; the legislation also recognized Jerusalem as the “capital of Israel.”

Of course Feinstein has changed her position more often than Gumby, by holding her thumb up and determining which way the political winds were blowing at the time

Not to be outdone in massive hypocrisy was Gumby’s old playmate Pokie – appearing in the guise of Bernie Sanders

Oddly (and sadly) enough, Bernie’s memory must be even more impaired than Diane’s since the article goes on to tell us that

“Sanders didn’t feel the policy would “undermine peace” less than a year ago, when he supported a bill titled, “A Resolution commemorating the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem,” a resolution that called the holy city the “undivided capital of Israel”

Of course odds are good that both Feinstein and Sanders just supported or proposed such legislation in an effort to pander to their base (a hallmark of liberal politics) not actually get such legislation passed and (God forbid) implemented.

But Trump is in the immortal words of the late great Frank Morgan “A horse of a different color”. The man came into office without even knowing who he was supposed to bribe! One of the many things that liberal politicians have been unable to forgive him for (another being the fact that he is not Hillary Clinton).

Unlike most politicians (since he isn’t one) Trump was unaware of the old adage that campaign promises were (as they say) “Like babies, fun to make, but hell to deliver”.  Despite feverish opposition to his every spoken (or tweeted) word, he has endeavored to deliver on the promises he made to the American people.

It has been well said by many others that the liberal progressive movement in America doesn’t fear Trump because he might fail, it is the very real fact that he might succeed that keeps them awake at night.

Delivering on his promises about Jerusalem isn’t politics as usual, neither is standing up for our allies and demonstrating disdain for those who despise us.

Both are facts that Iran and a few other nations might want to start getting used to.


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