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Donald Trump STOPS Reporters In Their Tracks, What He Says Leaves Them SPEECHLESS

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President Donald Trump welcomed reporters into a White House meeting on tax cuts on Wednesday, but they appeared uncomfortable when he asked them how their 401(k)s were doing.

Some of the sound technicians grinned when Trump talked about how the stock market was improving American’s 401(k)s, which caught Trump’s eye.

“I see all the guys carrying the booms are smiling,” he said, pointing them out.

Trump added that the rest of the press “won’t admit” that his administration was good for the stock market and 401(k)s.

“You know, usually with the press they won’t admit it, but he does because he’s beyond the press,” Trump said, referring to the sound technician.

After the event, Trump polled the reporters in the room as to whether they were happy with the stock market, according to one reporter present.

A Wall Street Journal reporter said that Trump, “acted as if whatever response he got from him was some sort of endorsement of the GOP tax plan.”

Trump told a story of a police officer in New York City who approached him to thank him for boosting his 401(k).

“I just want to say that people are up 30 percent, 40 percent, 50 percent, depending on what’s in there, and they are very, very happy,” Trump continued.

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