Heartless Liberals Trash Kate Steinle Memorial…Because ‘Trump Made Us Do It’?!

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Leftist activists at the University of California Berkeley trashed a memorial for Kate Steinle on Thursday night, stealing a poster of her face and tossing it in a trash can.


On Thursday night, the Berkeley CRs held a vigil for Steinle, who was killed in San Francisco after an illegal immigrant fired a gun in her direction.

Campus Reform correspondent and Berkeley student Troy Worden explained to Fox News that they held the vigil because they “wanted to honor the memory of Kate Steinle, who was the victim of illegal immigration.”

The vigil was protested by left-wing activists and after the vigil ended those same people took a poster of Steinle’s face and tossed it in the trash.

“An Antifa organization, Refuse Fascism, sent a paid activist to basically desecrate the memorial, to interrupt it, call us fascists, bigots, whatever,” Worden said. “Our message of honoring Kate was totally lost.”

Worden said when the vigil ended, the CRs decided to leave out the candles spelling out “KATE,” the flowers, and the poster they created for the event.

“Some people took it upon themselves to take those things and either get rid of them or tear them up or put them in the trash can,” he said. “This isn’t unique…a few days before the vigil we had actually put up at night posters with Kate’s face on them that said, ‘she had dreams too’ and unfortunately those were taken down too.”

Via DailyCaller

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