Chris Matthews Attacks President Trump, Blames ‘Crazy Evangelicals’ For ‘Unavoidable Violence’ In Israel

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MSNBC anchors and panelists rang the alarms on Wednesday after President Trump announced the United States would move its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem.

Even before the official announcement was made, the left-leaning outlet claimed that people would die as a direct result of Trump’s actions. Rather than condemn the many terrorists who use violence rather than negotiation to lobby on behalf of aggrieved Palestinians, MSNBC decided Trump was the best scapegoat for the region’s issues.


Host Chris Matthews was the worst offender, asserting to viewers on at least three separate occasions that Trump’s form of diplomacy was going to kill people.

“People are going to die now because of what was said today,” he said.

During a separate appearance on the network, anchor Brian Williams told Matthews, “if we move that embassy to Jerusalem we could spark a full-on intifada,” referring to a Palestinian uprising against the state of Israel.

“I believe they will,” Matthews confirmed.

“The result here will be human deaths,” Republican strategist Steve Schmidt, a frequent MSNBC guest, said. “People will die as a result of this decision in the Middle East — there will be violence, there will be protests, there will be American nationals who will be in danger.”

“Well, I think that a lot of countries are going to look at this and say that the president took a dangerous foreign policy decision that has real-world consequences–can cause lives–for domestic reasons,” Richard Engel, an NBC reporter, said.

Strangely missing from MSNBC’s coverage was anything remotely positive from anchors or guests about Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. In one panel directly after Trump’s speech, MSNBC had six guests — some from former President Obama’s foreign policy team — that were all against the decision.

There was little mention of how the decision symbolizes respect for one of America’s top allies. It was clearly a hit with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


The panelists also hardly touched on the fact that former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush promised to move the embassy to Jerusalem but never followed through. (RELATED: FLASHBACK: All The Times Past Presidents Promised To Move US Embassy To Jerusalem)

MSNBC further claimed that Trump’s decision would ruin peace negotiations but declined to mention that those negotiations have made little to no progressduring administrations that refused to touch the Jerusalem issue.

It was also not thoroughly discussed that the decision to move the embassy enjoys strong bipartisan support in Congress.

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