‘Immorality Has Sunken to A New Low’ Says Moore, But Trump Tells Him Not To Give Up

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Roy Moore recently tweeted Trump that he is excited to come help him drain the swamp, but whether Doug Jones will be successful in attacking his campaign is yet to be seen. Moore recently said Jones’s false campaign ads have made him realize that the state of morality in this country is worth than he thought.

“I think immorality has sunken to a new low. And I think in this race I have been very much impressed with the lack of morality in political advertisements. They say anything, they do anything just to win,” Moore said in an interview with One America News Network.

“I think they hide behind these false ads. It’s just to attack the character of their opponent,” he added.

Jones has run advertisements listing the names of the women who have accused Moore of sexual misconduct and asking, “Will we make their abuser a U.S. senator?”

While Republicans have in recent weeks called on Moore to drop out of the race, President Trump on Monday backed the candidate, saying his vote is needed to advance the Republican agenda in the Senate.

Trump also ripped Jones, calling him a “liberal puppet” who would hurt the Republican agenda.

Moore responded hours later, tweeting that he can’t wait to help Trump “#DrainTheSwamp.” (via: The Hill)

Would you like to see Alabama send Moore to drain the swamp or do you agree with those Republicans saying he should drop out of the race? Whether the accusations against him are true or a complete fabrication, morality in this country is not where we would like it to be.

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