Sanctuary City Releases Rapist Back Into Community After He Had Already Been Arrested And Deported 20 Times

Sanctuary cities are such a stupid idea it is sickening. They release dangerous criminals into public who do not belong in the US. What is especially idiotic is that they do not take into account whether the detainee has a criminal record.

A Mexican man who was deported from the US 20 times has been convicted of 10 counts including sexual assault in Oregon.

On Friday, Sergio Jose Martinez, 31, was sentenced to 35 years in prison in a Portland courtroom after pleading guilty to kidnapping, sexual assault, sodomy and several other counts, KOIN reported.

Martinez smiled throughout the trial, and as he left, he gave one grim parting shot to his two victims’ relatives: ‘See all you guys in Hell.’  (via: Daily Mail)

The most disturbing thing about Martinez is the smirk on his face. You can tell he is real proud of himself. Watch:

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