Activists Threaten To Boycott And DESTROY White Alabama If Moore Wins

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Activists are calling for extreme measures if Roy Moore gets elected in Alabama this upcoming special election. Whether you are for or against Moore’s politics in Alabama will not matter- if you happen to be white that is. Liberal activist Tim Wise, who is leading this movement is virtually calling for hate-crimes against the any white person in Alabama. This kind of hate speech could incite all sorts of violence and vandalism, and in fact creates a deeper divide in the state.

PJ Media reports on Tim Wise’s recent tweets:

I think in Alabama these are fightin words, Tim. Never mind that hurting “white businesses” would also hurt black members of the community. Forget the fact that not every white person should be stereotyped as a Roy Moore supporter. Also forget the fact that Moore and his supporters are not necessarily pro-racism or pro-rape. This comes down to something that liberals supposedly would like to abolish: stereotyping.

Unfortunately Tim Wise is not the only one who shares this “liberal or else” mentality. Case in point: ANTIFA, who thinks violence is the solution as long as it is directed at the “right” people. It is time for the left to stop stereotyping the right. It’s time for liberals to stop threatening conservatives. We are all entitled to have our opinions, cast our votes, and to elect the officials we see fit. That is what makes America great.

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