The President’s Motorcade Was Just ATTACKED By Anti-Trump Lunatic While Driving Through Florida

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With rumors of an assassination attempt to be made on Barron Trump, the entire Trump family is on edge, as is the secret service. That’s why when Trump’s motorcade was attacked in Florida, they swung into action immediately. Thankfully, no one was hurt or worse, but it’s definitely a concern when a random citizen thinks it’s okay to act like this.

From Conservative Post:

After leaving Trump International golf club in West Palm Beach, the president’s motorcade was attacked.

While en route to Trump’s resort at Mar-a-Lago in nearby Palm Beach, a liberal driving a large white van tried to cut into the president’s motorcade.

When authorities pulled the man over, he screamed expletives and made obscene gestures at the president.

Curiously, no mainstream media outlets are reporting on this. It’s ironic, really, because if the election had turned out differently, and a Hillary-hater acted this way, CNN would be DESTROYING this person every hour on the hour for a week.


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