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Trump Wins Again! Tyson Foods To Build $300M Plant In Tennessee, and Plans To Add 1,500 Jobs!

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President Trump promised during his campaign that he would revitalize America, and bring jobs BACK to the United States, and he has been keeping his promise ever since. A recent announcement from Tyson Foods, one of the largest food manufacturers in the country, is opening a new, massive, $300 million plant in Tennessee, with plans to add at least 1,500 jobs.

From Conservative Tribune:

Fox Business reported this week that Tyson Foods, one of the biggest food companies in the world, will be building a massive new plant in Tennessee.

The plant will cost an estimated $300 million to build and will provide for at least 1,500 new jobs processing more than 1.25 million chickens per week. The plant is expected to generate upwards of $150 million in additional revenue for the state.

“This project will enable us to provide even more fresh chicken to consumers across the country,” Tyson Foodspresident and CEO Tom Hayes said in a news release. “As one of the world’s leading protein companies, we continue to raise the world’s expectations of how much good food can do.

The new plant, which is expected to begin operations in 2019, was initially planned as an even bigger facility in Kansas, but was ultimately shifted to Tennessee after local residents expressed opposition in Kansas.

This is amazing news for the people of the area, who will have a new, great manufacturing job to look forward to very soon. Go Trump!

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