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Trump DEMANDS Congress Release Names Of Sexually Deviant Lawmakers, Majority Of Names Are Democrats!

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A video was released yesterday of Donald Trump voicing his opinion of Roy Moore and Doug Jones. The message was practically a death sentence for liberal Doug Jones and short of a full-out endorsement for Roy Moore.

The end of the video, however, contains a golden nugget. At 3:39 on the video below you will hear President Trump asked whether Congress should release the names of lawmakers who have settled sexual harassment lawsuits in the past. The President said, “I do. They should release the names.”

In light of all the scandals arising lately, this seems like a logical request in the pursuit of justice. Expose corrupt officials should always be a priority. Despite these facts, a surprising number of Democratic Lawmakers are reluctant to move forward with this request, stating that it is a ‘distraction’ for the real concerns and problems with the apparent large-scale issues emerging.

But why are Democrats reluctant? I thought they were the compassionate and fair party…NOPE! They are reluctant to reveal to the American people that they are the womanizing, marginalizing party that preys and exploits this countries minorities for their own gain. Shame, shame.

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