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Jesse Jackson Just Revealed The Debilitating Disease He Has That is Likely To End His Life

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Reverend Jesse Jackson may have become a thorn in the side of conservatives for the better part of two decades, but as a large part of the civil rights movement, Jackson’s contributions to trying to make the country a better place cannot be forgotten.

While many may not agree with his politics, in the end, not everything has to be a political statement, and it is always hard for anyone, and their friends and family, when they begin to battle a debilitating disease.

From Conservative Tribune:

Civil rights activist Rev. Jesse Jackson announced on Friday that he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

As noted by the Daily Caller, Jackson released an emotional statement indicating that his diagnosis came after he underwent several tests from specialists.

“My family and I began to notice changes about three years ago,” the 76-year-old Jackson wrote.

“After a battery of tests, my physicians identified the issue as Parkinson’s disease, a disease that bested my father,” he added.

According to the Mayo Clinic, Parkinson’s disease is an incurable neurological disorder that can cause tremors, stiffness and difficulty balancing, walking and coordinating movement.

Jackson said that “recognition of the effects of this disease on me has been painful.”

Although we don’t agree with everything that Jackson has done throughout his political career, as a human being and man of conviction, we respect that he will be going through a very difficult time, and we would like to show our support for Jackson and his family as he battles this disease.


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