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The STARTLING Reason That the Mainstream Media Has ‘Forgotten’ About the Las Vegas Shooting

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Even though the shooting in Las Vegas was the deadliest shooting in modern U.S. history, it seems like the entire story has all but disappeared from the news media as fast as it arrived, and there might  be a startling reason for that.

Conservative Post reports:

…officials rushed to claim that Paddock was a lone-wolf shooter, but it didn’t take long for the evidence to contradict that assertion.

Just a week before the shooting, Paddock wired $100,000 to an account in the Philippines, and investigators claim that when they found Paddock’s laptop in the hotel room, the hard drive had been removed.

ISIS tried to claim credit for the attack, which everyone scoffed at. But, it turns out Paddock had indeed visited the Middle East, so at the very least opportunity existed for him to meet with the terror group.

It’s also now been revealed that someone discharged a weapon upon entering Paddock’s hotel room, despite the official narrative that he had committed suicide before police entered the room. So, why did someone fire their weapon?

It sure is starting to sound as though Paddock wasn’t in this alone.

Do you think it’s weird that mainstream media has discarded the Las Vegas shooting story completely, even though there’s so much we don’t know? Is there some sort of cover-up, or is the story just not “hot” enough to keep anyone’s attention?

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