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Liberal Media Launches Smear Campaign Against Trump In Asia…Liberals Instantly Shot Down When They Discover This SHOCKING Truth

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Jon Karl of ABC News followed President Trump on his trip to Asia. At one point, he interviewed some students and asked them what they thought of Trump. He wasn’t expecting their answer.

Truth Revolt has the details:

ABC’s Karl Can’t Believe Vietnam Citizens Have Nice Things to Say About Trump

ABC News’ Jonathan Karl is in Vietnam covering President Trump’s visit and interviewed several female students. When he asked them what they thought of the American leader, he was flabbergasted when it was something nice.

“When you think Donald Trump, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?” Karl asked the students.

One of them responded, “Cute! He is cute!”

Karl’s head nearly exploded: “You think he’s cute? That’s a first one for me, okay.”

Others chimed in: “He is very good at business… Yes, and his family is wonderful.”

“He is very powerful,” another said.

But Karl wanted to get down to brass tacks: if they think so highly of Trump, then their feelings on Barack Obama must be like his — off the charts!

“President Trump and President Obama, very different, right?” Karl strong-armed.

Their answer came surely as a shock, as his baiting was met with civility…

Watch the video:

Why is the media always so surprised by this?


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