FINALLY! Trump Closing Gates On Refugees This Week

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Trump promised to drastically cut the number of refugees coming into the country, and he is now delivering. He will be focusing on supporting the citizens of this country instead of taking on thousands of additional mouths to feed.

President Trump is expected to announce Tuesday that his administration will lower the number of refugees admitted into the U.S. to 45,000 next year, down from 110,000 under former President Barack Obama, according to a report Monday afternoon.

In June, the Supreme Court allowed the Trump administration to implement a 120-day suspension of most refugee admissions, but that executive order will lapse Tuesday. Trump’s much lower target is expected to take hold just as the suspension ends.

Trump’s expected change will lower refugee acceptance levels to their lowest level in decades.

Trump will also sign a document on Tuesday that calls for the raising of “standards” for refugee entries. ( via: Washington America)

Now that’s what we call putting America first.

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