DAMNING Evidence Reveals Texas Church Shooter Was Acting on Liberal’s Calls for Violence

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As tragic and horrific as the recent church shooting in Texas has been (and make no mistake it has been dreadful far beyond belief) the horror and tragedy has only been compounded by the ignorance displayed by liberal talking heads.

Typically celebrities ((and those who wish they were) got into the act. Used to be actor (well in fairness he still does cameo appearances on “The Big Bang Theory”) Will Wheaton really sparked a back lash with his senseless tweeting

Since it was too late to just delete the tweet (far too many screen shots had already been taken) Wheaton tried to walk back his idiocy by clarifying it for those of us not brilliant (or liberal) enough to see through Wheaton’s hate and pick up on the gentler nuances. Wheaton wanted to make sure that we knew he didn’t mean to offend all Christians, just Paul Ryan

And speaking of “wish they were” celebrities, idiots and attention whores, Keith Olberman found time for his typically tasteful and nuanced tweeting

It was ugly. The left wing lashed out as only the left wing can against the NRA, the 2nd Amendment and of course their real enemy Donald Trump.

In what can only be considered a very unusual occurrence, people who were trashing the NRA, Republicans, Christians and the President like Alyssa Milano (who actually was an actress at one time) took the opportunity to incorrectly advise us all of the following

but strangely enough just a few short days ago Milano was advocating “taking it to the streets”

Milano was far from alone, other left wing SJW’s who were all about marching on Washington with pitchforks and torches are now bemoaning the lack of civility on social media sites like twitter and Facebook.

Of course the Resistance, ANTIFA and the Democratic National Convention (who are apparently different organizations who all dress and act the same) are quiet now, disavowing all knowledge of the shooter and his motives. Those who were on the more, let’s say “radical” side of Trump hate – are now mainly focused on gun control advocacy.

Obviously NO ONE wants to be thought of as the match that lit the crazy fuse, but one can’t help but wonder if all of the liberal crazies like Maxine Waters, Al Green,Ted Lieu and celebs like Milano demanding action (and in at least one truly wacko example (her name rhymes with Ploretta Pinch) calling for blood in the streets) hasn’t had an effect on would be murderers.

The unspoken truth (or at least truth that’s only spoken of in very discreet circles) is that some crazed individuals might be operating under the belief that acting out against conservative targets will render them “heroic” in some strange manner.

You only have to go back a year to a time when hashtags like #AssasinateTrump trended on Twitter, fortunately that trend died out in Hollywood when celebrities like Madonna learned that whole “words have consequences” thing was real, and Secret Service people aren’t all that pleasant.

That doesn’t mean that kind of crazy talk has gone away, it’s just whispered now, or perhaps it’s embedded between the lines in what would appear as otherwise innocuous Social Media Posts.


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