[VIDEO] After Brian Stelter Goes On Rambling, Anti-Trump Rant, Kellyanne Conway TEARS Him Down With Facts.. And It’s AMAZING To Watch

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Left wing media pundits are always reminding the rest of us that they are pro women and all about smashing glass ceilings and lauding female accomplishment. So of course they practically worship the woman who was the first to run a successful Presidential campaign right? Well when the campaign in question was Donald Trump’s and the woman in question was Kellyanne Conway –  perhaps not so much.

Of course Conway is a conservative, so heaping insults about her appearance on her, or actually threatening physical violence against her is quite alright by liberal standards. After all most liberal progressives don’t really consider Conservative females as women – or as humans even.

But it’s often amusing seeing big brave liberal men trying to intimidate Conway, it’s as if they know nothing about the woman and her tendency to bite back as smarmy CNN anchor Brian Stelter found out recently.

Conway (nobody’s shrinking violet) took umbrage with CNN’s anti-Trump agenda and remarked (quite correctly in fact) that ,

“CNN used to be a place where people could tune in and get news all day long. Now they get spin and people’s opinions. I think CNN should own it.”

Stelter not realizing that he had brought a peashooter to a bazooka fight replied

“I understand that you don’t want an adversarial media. I guess you just want everybody to be like Fox News, state-run media”

The rest (as they say is) was sweet, sweet, sweet history. Conway who was totally unimpressed with and not intimidated by Stelter’s rhetoric responded by saying,

“That’s not true. Stop being so jealous of Fox News, Brian, and their ratings. I think that would help if you drop the jealousy a little bit about Fox News. The fact is that we need a media that covers the facts.”

The video is a little long, but feel free to enjoy

It might be a day or two before Stelter invites anymore Conservative women on his show, after all the man’s wounds need time to heal.

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