Main Stream Media Desperately Trying To HIDE Texas Church Shooter’s Antifa and Atheist Ties, Continue Linking Him To Republicans

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It never fails. After each mass shooting, the mainstream media has a rabid obsession with uncovering the motives behind the shooter just minutes after the smoke clears — that is, just so long as they can tie those motives to right-wing, gun-lovin’ Republicans.

On Sunday morning a man walked in to a church in Texas and opened fire, killing at least 26 men, women and children.

And, on cue, the reports rolled in.  The MSM had found their narrative. For one month, in 2013 he had volunteered at a bible school. That’s it!  He’s a … CHRISTIAN!  And that was all they needed to know.

Unfortunately for the media, when people actually started looking in to gunman, Devin Kelley, a different story began to unfold.

That’s odd.  For a Christian, he sure does follow a lot of Atheist pages on Facebook.  Wait, and is that an Antifa flag?  Err, nothing to see here!  Move along!

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