Stars And Fans BLAST CMA Awards For Cenorship…Here Is What Happened

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Entertainers often feel the need to keep their political ideology under wraps out of fear of alienating a segment of their fans who disagree with their views. Ever since the Las Vegas Massacre, however, country music stars have been under a microscope.

With next weeks Country Music Association Awards right around the corner, the awards show’s organizers told the press they are not allowed to ask questions related to guns, the Nashville Scene reported.

In light of recent events, and out of respect for the artists directly or indirectly involved, please refrain from focusing your coverage of the CMA Awards Red Carpet and Backstage Media Center on the Las Vegas tragedy, gun rights, political affiliations or topics of the like. It’s vital, more so this year than in year’s past due to the sensitivities at hand, that the CMA Awards be a celebration of Country Music and the artists that make this genre so great. It’s an evening to honor the outstanding achievements in Country Music of the previous year and we want everyone to feel comfortable talking to press about this exciting time. If you are reported as straying from these guidelines, your credential will be reviewed and potentially revoked via security escort. We appreciate your cooperation in advance. If you have any concerns on your coverage plans, please reach out to the CMA Communications team in advance so we can be a great partner as we celebrate “The 51st Annual CMA Awards.”

If a media organization strayed from these “guidelines” their “credential will be reviewed and potentially revoked via security escort,” the memo said.

Country Music Stars Speak Out

A handful of country music stars quickly spoke out against the CMA’s guidelines.

CMA’s Backpedal

Things weren’t looking so hot for the CMA. They quickly retracted their policy in a statement:

CMA apologizes for the recently distributed restrictions in the CMA Awards media guidelines, which have since been lifted. The sentiment was not to infringe and was created with the best of intentions to honor and celebrate Country Music.

Paisley quickly applauded the CMA’s for changing their stance.

Fans Respond

Let’s see how this turns out.


Via (Townhall)

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