Leftist L.A. Times Columnist Tries To Apologize After Horribly Body-Shaming Sarah Huckabee Sanders

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Pulitzer Prize-winning Los Angeles Times columnist and cartoonist David Horsey apologized to White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Friday, after publishing an article in which he mocked her appearance, calling her a “slightly chunky soccer mom.”

Horsey’s “body-shaming” took up the first two full paragraphs of his column, which went on to accuse Sanders of lying on behalf of President Donald Trump.

Breitbart News highlighted the column on Friday morning, and Fox News made inquiriesto the Times. On Friday afternoon, those paragraphs had been removed from the article, and replaced by an apology from Horsey:

I want to apologize to Times readers — and to Sarah Huckabee Sanders — for a description that was insensitive and failed to meet the standards of our newspaper. It also failed to meet the expectations I have for myself. It surely won’t be my last mistake, but this particular error will be scrupulously avoided in my future commentaries. I’ve removed the offending description.

— David Horsey

The offending paragraphs had read:

Sarah Huckabee Sanders does not look like the kind of woman Donald Trumpwould choose as his chief spokesperson. Much like Roger Ailes when he was stocking the Fox News lineup with blond Barbie dolls in short, tight skirts, the president has generally exhibited a preference for sleek beauties with long legs and stiletto heels to represent his interests and act as his arm candy.

Trump’s daughter Ivanka and wife Melania are the apotheosis of this type. By comparison, Sanders looks more like a slightly chunky soccer mom who organizes snacks for the kids’ games. Rather than the fake eyelashes and formal dresses she puts on for news briefings, Sanders seems as if she’d be more comfortable in sweats and running shoes. Yet, even if Trump privately wishes he had a supermodel for a press secretary, he is lucky to have Sanders.

Via (Breitbart)

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