Former Twitter Employee Now Being Called ‘The Legend’ Faces Jail Time For ‘Prank’

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There are some things you do not want to become famous for and messing with the President is one of them. Now the former Twitter contractor called, “The Legend” may be facing federal charges for hacking Trump’s account, even if Twitter decides not to pursue criminal charges on their end. Not very smart. No one will want to hire this guy in the future, his felony charges notwithstanding.

The sad thing is many are calling him a hero. SERIOUSLY? Let’s remember who the true heroes are in this country!

According to the BBC, the employee deactivated @realdonaldtrump during their last day on the job. The account was offline for about 11 minutes, and Twitter has since launched an investigation,

“Twitter said it was investigating the problem and taking steps to avoid it happening again.

It later said: ‘Through our investigation we have learned that this was done by a Twitter customer support employee who did this on the employee’s last day. We are conducting a full internal review.’”

The Verge explains:

“People have ‘dropped the mic’ in the past and deleted accounts, verified users, and otherwise abused their power on the last day,” the employee said. In each case, the employee said, the abuse was caught quickly and did not become public.

These “mic drops” were possible because of the broad availability of customer support tools inside Twitter. The company won’t say how many people have access to the tools necessary to deactivate an account like Trump’s — and after today, the number is likely much lower. But up until now, as many as hundreds of people have had access to the tools, which let employees see a broad range of information about the account. The access does not allow employees to send tweets from other users’ accounts, or to read a user’s direct messages.

Twitter promises to increase security after this little “prank.” We hope so. More importantly we hope this is taken seriously and the culprit is made accountable for his crimes.



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