Dangerous Visa Lottery Has Been Plagued With Terror Concerns For YEARS…You Won’t Believe What The Liberals Have Tried To Keep Quiet

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While Tuesday’s terror attack in Manhattan has sparked a national debate over the merits of (or lack thereof) the little-known diversity visa lottery program, this debate is actually nothing new among politicians.

Suspected terrorist Sayfullo Saipov, an Uzbek national, originally gained entry to the U.S. thanks to the decades-old visa lottery, killing eight and wounding nearly 30 more in New York City.

President Trump is now calling for ending the program, but reading from past reports that detail a long list of dangers, vulnerabilities, and abuses of the program, LevinTV host Mark Levin showed that officials in Congress have voiced great, unequivocal concern over the program’s dangers for years.

First implemented in 1990, global terror groups are well aware of the program’s existence, Levin said.

“It has been said repeatedly, over years, that this program is dangerous — that it’s fraught with fraud. That it has national security concerns,” Levin said. “So why is this so complicated, ladies and gentlemen?”


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