What Trump Just Said Was So EPIC That The Liberal Media Couldn’t Even Touch It

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President Trump literally could not believe his eyes when he turned on CNN and saw an honest report about him.

After watching months of half-truths and lies and slanted stories all with one purpose – to damage his presidency, you can imagine the surprise when Trump saw what CNN just said about him.

Trump spoke with emotion and strength when he talked about his brother Fred, who he said was a better man in many respects.

Until alcohol abuse brought him to ruin. But Trump credited his brother with his sobriety, by constantly telling him to avoid his mistakes.

We don’t always hear Trump open up like this and CNN was stunned. So stunned they finally gave their viewers the straight unfiltered truth.

“We don’t often hear or see the president open up that personally as he did today,” CNN’s Wolf Blitzer said according to IJR, “it was a pretty powerful moment.”

CNN’s Chris Cillizza tried to rip Trump but just couldn’t find fault with what he said.

He said Trump… “brags on himself and how smart he is … he deserves credit for focusing on the issue, and I think he did it in a way that is very rare for him, which is he didn’t brag.”

Rebecca Berg admitted, “We do talk so much on this program and in general about the president being a little tone deaf at times,” before adding the total shocker, “but this was pitch perfect.”

Via (Lutchman)

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