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SHE’S FINISHED! Mark Steyn Leaks Who Really Colluded With Russia To Tucker Carlson, And Its Not Trump

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Hillary Clinton and the DNC were exposed as the real funders of the fake Russia “dossier” that was created to destroy Trump. This Dossier is what the FBI used to SPY on President Trump and everyone around him and is the reason the Russia investigation ever got started.

Well, Tucker Carlson and Mark Steyn just revealed the TRUTH about Hillary and this dossier, and it’s worse than anyone imagined. “Everyone is colluding with Russia except Trump. You’ve got the Podesta group, the Hillary campaign, the DNC, the FBI,” Steyn said. Then he revealed how the FBI actually leaked this dossier to the press and a lot more! (Video Below)

Steyn says it’s a “reasonable inference” that the ONLY reason Comey ever showed the Dossier to Trump is so that news of it could then be leaked to the press. “The most disturbing thing about this is James Clapper asked James Comey to go show the Dossier to Trump, and immediately after the meeting it got leaked to the press,” Steyn said. WATCH this epic clip then SHARE on Facebook so it goes viral!

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