Putrid Former Press Secretary For Clinton Tries To Attack General Kelly on Twitter But FAILS MISERABLY

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It would appear as if Brian Fallon is attempting to achieve a rather dubious record of working as a Press Representative for the most epic failures to ever hit the Democratic Party (and that’s saying something).

The smarmy liberal spin doctor has been employed in the past by the failed campaigns of Kerry and Clinton, and has worked in various positions for such luminaries as Chuck Schumer, Eric Holder, John Edwards and Robert Menendez, is anyone noticing a trend here?

One might think that Fallon would refrain from tweeting given his track record. While a member of the Clinton campaign he send an unintentionally hilarious tweet about Georgia (“Georgia is on our mind”) which was by all accounts a thinly veiled prediction that Georgia was going to go Hillary’s way during the election. In that regard Fallon showed all the political savvy of a CNN pollster as Clinton came up (as the Irish say) just a “wee bit” short of winning the Peach State (by just a few hundred thousand votes).

But no, Fallon would not be deterred, gathering himself up (several times) from his many failed campaigns and from being surrounded by and involved with such epic fails as “Fast & Furious”, “Benghazi” and the less famous (but equally repugnant) “Hey she’s not drunk, she’s just tired!!” fiasco, he continued to act as if his opinion was worth far more than yours and mine (or that of anyone else for that matter).

For some reason (crushing defeat perhaps???) Fallon has particular disdain for Donald Trump and anyone who supports Donald Trump. Never mind that he has worked for corruption poster boys John Edwards and Robert Menendez, Fallon has this to say about the President

A cursory examination of Brian’s timeline on twitter failed to reveal any tweets in which he referred to John Edwards (who famously cheated on his cancer stricken wife and committed multiple felonies while violating campaign finance laws) or Robert Menendez (currently on trial for corruption and for conduct that might even make serial harasser Harvey Weinstein blush) as “awful, awful” people so that must be an elucidation that Fallon reserves for those who defeat any of his many former employers in an election.

But Fallon was at his progressive liberal best when attacking General Kelly.

Fallon in one foul tweet demonstrated a flagrant disregard for both Kelly’s loss and his grief because Kelly is a Conservative or something. Which basically means that Fallon was protesting Trump’s alleged disrespect of a grieving widow by disrespecting a grieving father. You can’t make this stuff up folks.

Of course if anyone deserves to be disrespected in this sad scenario it’s Fallon who does a great job showing us that it’s not just his former bosses (Clinton, Kerry and the like) who are losers, Fallon is a pretty big loser himself.


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