Dem Rep Meeks: Recent Obamacare Changes Show President Trump Is ‘Heartless’

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Friday on CNN’s “At This Hour,” Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY) said President Donald Trump was showing his “heartlessness” by canceling subsidy payments for the Affordable Care Act.

Partial transcript as follows:

BOLDUAN: So let me ask you about health care while I have you here. The president canceling subsidy payments, members of Congress, many a conversation about what this would mean. You call it sabotage but a court ruled it illegal. the court ruled that there was not for it and that payments were wrong. Does he have a point?

MEEKS: No. See, but he knows it is sabotage because they don’t want to come to the table to work something out so that those issues, you know, that people may have a problem with the Affordable Care Act, can be fixed.

BOLDUAN: Does this bring you to the table?

MEEKS: No. Because what does it have the effect of doing? It just shows the heartlessness of this particular president. Because who is going to be victimized by it? It is going to be the poor individuals, Americans who don’t have health care.

Via (Breitbart)

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