Rex Tillerson Just RUINED The United Nations With Brilliant Speech

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The United Nations was a GREAT idea in concept. A coming together of nations to work together and prevent wars. Now, it’s become a place for Israel hating America bashers to help themselves at our expense. NO MORE!

A lot of people have been wondering what Rex Tillerson was good for as Secretary of State. Well, today he showed us his worth by doing the one thing the UN has been begging America not to…He left UNESCO.

Tillerson made the decision to leave United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) after he got sick and tired of all their Anti-Semitic Israel bashing.

UNESCO has made their stance on Jews very clear by constantly denying Jews, not Muslims, connection to holy sites, referring to Israel as the “occupying power” and letting Palestine become a permanent member in 2011.

Of course, the folks at UNESCO are desperate to gloss over the issue, saying it’s a loss for the world in our ability to conquer extremism. Oh, really? Why not start by looking at the member states of your own group?!?!

Look, the United States has a lot of allies in the world but not many true friends. Israel is one of those actual FRIENDS of our nation and we Americans always keep our friends’ backs.

Help Tillerson and Trump stand up to the Jew Haters at the United Nations by sharing this around and letting the world know we’re not gonna take it, anymore!


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