EPIC: Secretary James Mattis Just DESTROYED NBC After Catching Them In A Dirty Lie

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Earlier today NBC News released a report claiming that President Trump wants to increase our nuclear arsenal 10 fold (from 4000 to 32000) and was forcing Secretary Mattis to do the dirty work.

When Trump stepped forward and called them Fake for their lies and attempt to tear our country apart, they all cried wolf pretending like he was infringing on their rights. Unfortunately for the MSM, they forgot all about Mattis.

There is nobody in the current administration who commands more respect across the entire political spectrum than Jim ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis. That’s why you know NBC’s goose is cooked when Mattis himself came forward to declare the report “Absolutely False”.

“Recent reports that the President called for an increase in the U.S. nuclear arsenal are absolutely false. This kind of erroneous reporting is irresponsible.”– James Mattis

Those are some very strong words from a man who tends to keep his thoughts out of the media whenever he can.

The reality of the situation is that Trump is calling for a complete upgrade and modernization of our current nuclear arsenal, which sits around 4000 warheads. That way, North Korea and Russia won’t have better bombs than us anymore.

This kind of reporting is wrong, it’s divisive, and it’s dangerous for our country both internally and internationally. I love the First Amendment. It is part of the core of our Republic. But that does NOT mean the citizens should have to put up with media lies. If a company like NBC wants to play this game, they should have their network TV spot up for grabs. That’s how capitalism works, after all.

Via (LibertyWriters)

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