Crybaby Kaepernick Says He Will Stand For Anthem Now- BEGS To Be Allowed Back Into NFL

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Colin Kaepernick, infamous for starting the national anthem kneeling protests, is now blubbering like a child after Americans told him how disgraceful his actions were. Now, Kaepernick is begging America to let him back into the NFL. According to CBS Sports, Colin Kaepernick has been training to get back in performance shape for the NFL.

Kaepernick called Jason La Canfora for an off-camera interview and said that he will go anywhere to work out for the NFL. He is fine if the workout is kept private. LOL. This dude is so desperate.

He has been reaching out to 32 teams about his availability. Then Kaepernick dropped a bombshell. He said that he would not kneel for the anthem if he stands for a team.

Well, we got a message for you Kaep. Nobody wants you to play anymore. We don’t want anyone who can’t support this great country to play anymore. Signed the American people.

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