INSANE: Antifa Wants ‘Civil War’ To Overthrow Trump

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Who, exactly, do they think they’re picking a fight with?

They’re anarchists. We know that, right?

And anarchists are basically cowards. Their goal is to pick a fight between two factions, whip up invective and hatred (with a little help from their friends in the Media (D) and the DNC). Then they can skulk back into the shadows.

From the shadows, they can watch the nation tear itself apart.

You realize of course, that the would follow the same flowchart that has proven so effective in Russia (1917), Revolutionary France, as well as revolts/revolutions in a variety of destabilized nations that — when the dust had settled — would raise red and yellow-themed flags reminiscent of the ones Antifa is seen flying NOW:

No WONDER they are delegitimizing the police — they WANT America to fall. And they know it can only fall if it collapses from within.

They WANT us divided by race, class, region, and politics. That said — if they pick a fight with American Patriots how do they really think it will end?

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