NY Times To Democrats: Please Get Ready To Lose In 2018

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It’s not very often that you see the New York Times admitting that Democrats are up the creek without a paddle. But a recent column by writer Frank Bruni does just that.

Take a look at this:

Democrats, Please Get Ready to Lose
There’s a saying that what matters isn’t winning or losing. It’s whether you beat the spread.
But what’s the spread for Democrats in 2018?

Is the spread — which means the predicted margin of victory or defeat — gaining the 24 seats in the House that are necessary for a majority in the chamber? That’s certainly doable. I could argue that it’s probable.

But I could also make the case that Democrats fall five, 10 or 15 seats short. And I could imagine a demoralization that shadows and thereby dooms the party in 2020, when the stakes are even higher.
Is the spread control of the Senate? With just three turned seats, the Democrats have it. What promising math. But what a punishing map: There are more vulnerable Democrats up for re-election than there are vulnerable Republicans. Despite Donald Trump’s wackiness and the G.O.P.’s woes, Democrats could easily lose ground here.

The midterm elections are at once a golden opportunity and a dangerous trap for Democrats.
Bruni is right. The left thinks they’re going to make waves in 2018 but that’s highly unlikely.

(via: American Lookout)

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