What Elizabeth Warren Just Announced Has The Democratic Party In DEEP TROUBLE

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The fact that the Dems still can’t even come close to what Trump has done for the Republicans, in terms of fund-raising, is evidence that the Dems lack any form of a leader.

And to prove it, even more, now there is in-fighting amid “big-wigs” in the party itself!  Elizabeth Warren is leading the charge within the party that the Progressives have taken control.

She has offended the moderate Dems, by saying that the Progressives are the “heart and soul” of the party now.

To see into their party (we all know, it’s important to know your enemy), watch her, below, at the 2017 Networks Nation Conference:

Did you hear her encourage “necessary trouble?”  And call the Progressives “Donald Trump’s worst nightmare?”  And they say that Trump supporters are the cause of the violence?? Come on!

There is serious in-fighting within that party.  Former Rep. Ellen Tauscher (D-Calif.) said recently:  “And it’s certainly not going to help us win.”  “Our party should be looking to expand the tent. If we divide ourselves, we’re doing our opponents’ jobs for them.”

Yes, they are!  Trump has had the worst press of any President, ever. And yet, still, the Dems are divided, with no true leader in site.


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