Entitled Muslim Student DEMANDS To Wear Veil In Class, You Wont Believe This School’s Reply

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Well, here we go again with another story of someone immigrating but not wanting to integrate. This Muslim student knew the school dress code did not permit her to wear her Islamic veil, but she did anyway threatening them with a discrimination lawsuit. The school had something of their own up their sleeve though when she made her threat.

Like the gazillion other Muslims that Germany let in the country, she was living the good life compared to where she had migrated from, and would have never had the chance at the sort of education she was receiving at the school she was now making demands of and threatening to sue. How fast they learn.

niqab woman

The young Muslim lady who is 18-years-old just up and decided to show up wearing her niqab in class one day. The niqab is one of those things that covers everything and has nothing but a slit for their eyes so they don’t run into the walls. Sometimes they even have screens of the eye slit so you don’t know who is hiding out under the things. She knew she was not supposed to be wearing it, be she showed up with an attitude that day prepared for a fight.

I can’t see where they get off demanding they be allowed to practice their religion all out by wearing a hood over their head, when the other part of their religion that has them wearing a hood… Things like not being allowed to leave home alone, not being able to drive, and not being afforded the opportunity for an education… They only thing the can be sure they are entitled to in their neck of the woods is a beating if they open their mouth and don’t do as they are told.

The German people can be a bit stubborn themselves and told the girl to comply with the schools dress code, or they would boot her from the campus just as they would do anyone else who did not adhere to their standard of dress.

niqab student

Somewhere along the way the young lady got the impression that us folks in the west are spineless and terrified of special interest groups and threats of lawsuits. (You don’t suppose she got that impression of that Hussein Omama character do ya?) She also seemed to have been working on her negotiation skills, which her husband is no doubt upset over, because she actually countered the threat of being expelled with an offer to lift her veil for a female teacher before class every day. She didn’t stop with that though, nope… She had to come back at the teacher with that BS about suing the school if she was not allowed to wear the niqab. Veil

Well, you know the people of Germany are about fed up with their country being over run with Islam, because she got the BOOT! Get off campus and get off now! Do not pass GO… Do not collect $200… Take your niqab with you and don’t cross the street without sneaking a peek through those eyeball slots. Veil

Like America, it’s not all that difficult or expensive to initiate a civil lawsuit against someone, so she filed a suit against the school thinking—again—that they would be afraid to take on Islam over her niqab… WRONG!

niqab student in german


The school had their attorneys bring a countersuit against her, probably for filing a frivolous lawsuit or something of that sort and unlike in many cases in the United States, if you lose your case in Germany, the court is going to order you to pay up for everyone’s cost of your silliness. This tends to make people think twice and the smart a$$ little girl didn’t even show up to the scheduled hearing.

The judge ruled in favor of the school in her absence and upheld the ban on her precious niqab as well as the expulsion.

If you notice something that looks like one of those large table umbrellas walking around, it’s quite possible it’s her. ????


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