Famous Rapper Takes A Break From Beating Women To Send Trump A Nasty Message

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It seems like no matter what President Trump tries to say or do there are always going to be “Never-Trumpers” in place to trash talk him. Most recently, the President had a conference about capturing as many members of the dangerous MS-13 gang as we possibly can.

Rapper Chris Brown was up in arms over Trump’s message to police that they should “not be too nice” to the thugs they put in the backs of their police cars. In what can only be described as a message of confusion and incompetence Brown posted on Instagram, “What IN THE ACTUAL F***?????! HE GIVING POLICE MORE RIGHT TO F*** UP YOUNG BLACK MEN!!”

You remember Chris Brown, don’t you? He was the guy caught punching his girlfriend in the face on a security camera when he thought no one could see him.

First, and most noticeably, how is it okay for him to beat up a young women, but protest a message as “threatening” that was both taken out of context and not directed at him? Even HE has to see how crazy that looks.

Second, and as previously mentioned, the message had NOTHING to do with Brown. Unless he is a member of MS-13, then maybe he would be a little upset. But the message was addressing the growing gang problem as MS-13 makes its way into 42 states, not “young black men.”

It is incredible how these liberals take a story that has nothing to do with them, makes it about them, ignore the good behind it, and then whine that the President doesn’t do anything.

President Trump is trying to clean-up the streets. He wants to get these violent, and mostly illegal gang members out of our country because they are tearing up black communities.

These terrorists are bringing guns and violence to the black neighborhoods that are screaming for protection. Make no mistake; MS-13 isn’t discriminatory about what communities they infect.

The point here is that President Trump is doing something to protect the neighborhoods that Brown swears he loves so much, and how does Brown react? Brown acts like a spoiled, uneducated, and selfish child.

Brown is on a mission to stir up attention anywhere that he can get it. He knows that all he is famous for anymore is his penchant for domestic abuse. The only way he can get the community to interact with him positively is if he supports liberals and their manufactured causes.

There is a reason that he does this though. Brown knows that liberals will accept ANYONE as long as you agree with their opinion and skewed world view.

It is a shame that President Trump is attacked for making valued contributions to the community by making the streets a safer place. If liberals would accept him as their President and try to work with him, so much more could be done. Instead, we have petty people like Chris Brown stirring up the masses.

(via: Angry Patriot)

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