Psychotic Liberals Now Saying, ‘Patriotism Is For White People’

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Are you sick of the unending bickering going on everyday when you see the latest news report? Everything is absolutely on fire, and nothing is held sacred, just, or even true anymore. In some phenomenon, American society – or at least how the media and many others have portrayed it – has decided to turn away from anything that connects level thinking with facts and truth. Everyone is just so twisted up and ready to pop, that it seems that we seek every opportunity to fight, scream, and protest.

It seems as if it has become a psychosis.

There are so many voices out there that state opinions, but so many state opinion, and treat it as fact. Emotions run high, and any sense of having a discussion is quickly thrown out in the effort to just ‘win the argument.’ Well folks, if there is one thing that we can do without, it’s opinions, stated as facts.

Take the website ‘The Root’ for example. They recently posted a Tweet:

Patriotism is for white people

— The Root (@TheRoot) September 26, 2017

The Tweet links back the the original article that has a lot to say about America, whites, and the idea of patriotism. All of it, opinion. I can say that because each accusation and condemnation is backup up by zero facts. Let’s take some quotes and really grind them out.

“The American flag, drenched in the blood of American Indians and enslaved Africans, has been romanticized as a symbol of guardianship for all citizens of this nation.”

The creation of this nation did involve the killings of Native Indian tribes, yes. It did involve the enslavement of blacks, yes. But you know who else did in it’s creation? White people. Everyone had blood to spill, and though it is correct in the history, it’s portray is incomplete. It was black Africans that sold each other to slavers. That is a fact.

“Though, as Colin Kaepernick first explained to us by kneeling during the national anthem last year, and what other NFL athletes are revealing by following suit this season, as black people, we are not free. And we never really have been.”

No. What should be learned is that actions have consequences, and if you think taking a knee during the National Anthem – an act that is completely within your rights – isn’t going to have consequences, then you are foolish. You have the right to protest whatever you like, whenever you like, and that is awesome. But you don’t have a right to force people to agree or support you.

“In 2017, as white people stand for the national anthem, most of them sit in careless silence as police kill black and brown people and hide behind the baseless excuse of ‘I feared for my life.’”

Not true. You don’t know ‘most’ white people. This writer is generalizing, and that is something that we need to cut out. Case by case, and judging the individual is what we must strive for. Sating that Police kill black and brown people just because they can use the excuse “I feared for my life”, is utterly disgusting and an outright lie. There have been cases where Police have been wrong, and there have been many where they were fully within their rights to protect themselves, and the public. To call all 800,000 police officers serving in the United States as killers and racists murders, is completely idiotic.

A uniform doesn’t make you racist.

(via: Rightwingnews)

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