California’s Former AG Shows SHOCKING Lack Of Knowledge About Law

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The 2016 Presidential election saw the left running a campaign fraught with identity politics. Although the candidate of choice for Democrats was the slightly flawed (an extremely charitable description) Hillary Clinton, liberal progressives still believed her to be a sure fire winner as she possessed female genitalia.

Imagine the surprise of leftists everywhere when the realization that America was far less concerned with Hillary’s sexual organs and far more distressed about the organs that she was for all intents and purposes lacking – a heart and a brain.

Nevertheless, somewhere, somehow, someplace the Democratic party is sure that doubling down on identity politics is a great idea, but who could they run that could possibly pander to all of the many, many, victims that the Democrats had created?

Enter the stupendously defective Liberal Senator from California – Kamela Harris.

The profile page for Harris’ Twitter account lets the world know that in addition to being a US Senator (really) she is also the former Attorney General for the State of California

But it appears as if becoming Attorney General in the “Eureka!” State can’t be that difficult of a hill to climb, because Senator Harris doesn’t even seem to possess a passing familiarity with the law.

Take the subject of “pardons”

Even many Non-Attorney Generals comprehend the fact that “pardons” are for people who commit crimes, or else they wouldn’t require a pardon in the first place.

This is far from her only struggle with legal concepts that a majority of 12 year olds could adequately explain, while discussing the relatively simple concept of bail Harris has another epic fail

But we don’t have to count on Harris alone to run the government, she plans on enlisting the help of experts

It could be worse, if the Democrats nominated Maxine Waters then we would hear all about the vast number of criminals that she was going to impeach when she became President.

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