While Trump Plans To CUT Taxes Bernie Wants 52% Tax Hike; Does He Think We’re FOOLS?

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This is one of the main reasons that Bernie Sanders’ plan for healthcare will never pass. It would cost the American people a fortune and even Democrats know it. People don’t want to give more than half of their money to the government.

Americans for Tax Reform has the story:

Bernie Calls For 52% Tax Rate for Government Healthcare

Sen. Bernie Sanders is once again calling for extreme tax hikes to pay for his plans, this time for a government-run single payer health care system. The plan will come in at a cost of $1.38 trillion per year and will impose across the board tax hikes, including:
-An income tax rate of 52%-Taxing ALL capital gains as ordinary income, meaning the current top capital gains rate of 23.8% would jump to 52%
-Massive hike in the Death Tax
-American families making as little as $28,900 per year will face a 2.2 percent tax on their income
-A $630 billion tax hike aimed at employers, which will just end up hitting workers
-Sanders also calls for more tax complexity and more tax brackets: 37%, 43%, 48% and of course the 52%

This would never pass in a million years. The American people are already struggling to pay for healthcare. Letting the government take it over would only make it worse.

(via: American Lookout)


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