Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Drops Bombshell: ‘Trump Could Be Greatest President In History!’

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr., son of the late-Robert Francis “Bobby” Kennedy dropped a bombshell that completely destroyed every single liberal and Trump-hater out there. Kennedy said,

“Donald Trump could be the greatest president in history if he wanted to, he could easily be the next Teddy Roosevelt.”

We can easily imagine how big of a shock is to liberals that a left-wing icon like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said something like this. They’ll have a hard time recovering from this.As reported by World News Politics, Kennedy continued,

“Well, I think Donald Trump can be, you know, any kind of president he wants. He’s actually — he has this extraordinary opportunity because he’s coming into office less burdened by obligation than probably any president in our history with the possible exception of Andrew Jackson.”

Do you agree that Trump could be the greatest president in history?

(via: Universal Portal)

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