This AMAZING News From Michelle Obama Actually Has Every Republican Cheering!

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Now, hold your horses. I know y’all are probably wondering what someone like Michelle Obama could POSSIBLY do that will make Republicans happy. No, it was not a typo.

So, for some reason, Mrs Obama was invited to a tech conference in Salt Lake City, Utah yesterday. While she was there, she got to talking about her time as First Lady and how much she HATED it.

That’s when it happened…Michelle announced that she will NEVER run for a political office herself.

After saying she HATED being in politics as First Lady, Obama told the interviewer in no mixed words:

“No, running for office is nowhere on the radar screen but continuing in public service is something I will do for the rest of my life.”

Of course, just because I think it’s good news that Michelle Obama is NOT going to run for President or Senator or Mayor or ANYTHING in politics does not mean I am a fan of hers.

She even managed to use her speech to say quite possibly the NASTIEST thing a former First Lady has ever said about another President.

“We are looking at two different administrations. One administration was built on hope, while the other administration leads with fear.”

Like I said, this woman is still the same classless hatemonger we remember from 2008-2016. Luckily, that’s ALL she is now. But hey, let’s not let her nastiness reign on her parade. The important thing here is that politics is DONE with Michelle Obama (thank God) and now we get tho spread this happy message everywhere. Can I get an Amen?

(via: Liberty Writers)

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