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Share with everyone if you are SICK of NFL players taking a knee!

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Dear NFL and Players:

We understand that this is America and you have the freedom to express your opinion. But we, the American People, will NO LONGER SUPPORT your disrespectful treatment of this great nation and the men and women who served and died to make it so. As you make millions, these brave patriots sacrifice and even lay down their lives. As you whine and think that your performance has an impact on our lives, these Guardians of Freedom selflessly protect the lives and freedoms of ALL Americans. So take your knee. We, the American people, will stand with our Heroes! Take your knee, and we will gladly watch another sport. Take your knee, and we will gladly stop doing any and everything that supports your overly-paid, ego-inflated, arrogant, ungrateful, and anti-American acts of disgrace.

Signed, We the People.

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