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[VIDEO] What Sarah Sanders Just Said About ESPN Will Make EVERYONE Stop Watching

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White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders stood by her report that it was a “fireable offense” for Jemele Hill to call President Trump a “white supremacist.” Sanders reiterated her stance from earlier this week and said that Sanders reiterated her stance from earlier this week at Friday’s briefing after Trump’s tweets on the subject.

Sanders called ESPN “hypocritical” in the video below.

Several reporters followed up with Sanders and asked if the White House believes that Hill should be fired.

“It’s not my decision to make for a private company,” she responded. Sanders then said that ESPN “set a standard” by punishing on-air personalities for political statements but not punishing Jemele.

Cohn was told by her ESPN boss to stay home from work after questioning ESPN’s business decisions in April.

Share this everywhere if you will not be watching ESPN anymore.

Let’s show them the thousands of Trump voters that will not be watching their stuff anymore. We are tired of their political messages.

(via: Liberty Writers)

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