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[VIDEO] Joy Behar Goes Totally Out of Her Mind, Calls Trump ‘The Biggest Mistake in Modern History’

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“The View” hosts didn’t take a break Monday from attacking President Donald Trump, even on the anniversary of September 11th.

“Well, first of all Trump is the biggest mistake in modern history,” co-host Joy Behar told the panel during a discussion about Steve Bannon talking about the firing of James Comey on his “60 Minutes” appearance.

“But you know what he’s saying, and I think it’s true,” she added. “It’s like if he [Trump] had kept Comey there we wouldn’t have [James] Mueller. Mueller is like a dog with the bone. Mueller has got material on them and he is going after them.”

Jedediah Bila questioned Bannon’s comment and claimed it meant that there was something there to find.

“I’m surprised too because it’s stupid,” Bila responded. “I mean Steve is a smart guy. What he’s essentially saying is you are right there is information. If he didn’t care — if there was nothing on Trump he would come out and say ‘who cares guys let them investigate all they want…there’s nothin to find there.’ Instead he made it seemed like it was a big mistake because there was an investigation and now they’re going to do some work.”

“What do we know,” Behar interjected. “We know that the Russians spent $100,000 for ads on Facebook targeting specific groups of people. How did they know what groups to target? Maybe [Paul] Manafort told them. Maybe Jared Kushner told them. Maybe Donald jr. told them. So, that’s called collusion and Mueller knows that.  So, it’s now getting closer.”

(via: Daily Caller)

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