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[VIDEO] Trump and His Team Made a Video About Hurricane Irma That EVERYONE Needs To See

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President Trump called together a meeting of his Cabinet at Camp David last night with one very important issue to discuss: Hurricane Irma. This hurricane has already displaced basically the ENTIRE state of Florida and the President knows action must be taken.

To make all Americans aware of the important actions he is taking, Trump sat down with Mattis, Tillerson, Pence, Kelly, and the rest of the crew to make this video for everyone to watch.

Clearly, the President is hard at work doing his best to resolve the upcoming problems before they even start. He is mobilizing the National Guard to help out. He is considering a larger funds package for hurricane relief.

It was not all Hurrican talk at Camp David over the weekend, though. Trump and his trusted Generals also mapped out their new strategy for how to deal with North Korea.

At the same time, the President used the gathering as a chance to set up his new tax reform policy with his top economic advisors, all of whom were helping with Hurricane issues as well.

(via: Liberty Writers)

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