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FOX News’ Eric Bolling Was Fired on Friday, Then His Son Was Found DEAD Later That Day

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The 19-year-old son of former Fox News host Eric Bolling was found dead on Friday.

Eric Chase Bolling, who went by Eric Chase, was found dead in Boulder, Co., where he attended school.

The cause of death is not clear. TMZ reported mid-day Saturday that Eric Chase committed suicide by drug overdose. But Bolling tweeted Saturday evening the authorities had informed his family that there was no evidence of self harm. He said that an autopsy will be conducted next week.

Bolling’s tragic death occurred just after his father was fired from Fox News for allegedly sending inappropriate text messages to female colleagues.

Huffington Post reported last month that Bolling sent unsolicited text messages of a sexual nature to current and former colleagues. The messages were sent several years ago, according to the HuffPo report.

The author of that report, Yashar Ali, was the first to report on Twitter on Saturday that Eric Chase had died.

Bolling, a former commodities trader, had been the host of “The Specialist” since May. The show is being cancelled amid Bolling’s ouster, Fox said on Friday.

Bolling’s former Fox colleagues and journalists at other major TV networks expressed their condolences upon hearing the news of Eric Chase’s death.

(via: Daily Caller)


TMZ Reports that Bolling’s death was a suicide, caused by a drug overdose, but the autopsy report will not be completed until sometime next week.

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