Hillary Clinton is Going to LOSE IT When She Sees What Trump Just Tweeted

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So maybe y’all have heard about Hillary Clinton’s new book “What Happened” where she tries to figure out WHY she is not President. Yeah, I think we all know the answer to that.

Well, late last night President Trump decided to have some fun with Hillary by sharing out a picture from one of his fans that puts her in her place:

That’s right, Hillary Clinton. The answer to “What Happened?” is indeed “Trump happened.” However, it was not Donald Trump alone that beat Hillary. It was the wholeTrump Train who voted him in when the media said it was IMPOSSIBLE.

I’m sure in Hillary’s version, Putin teams up with a group of space aliens to mind control Macedonians to trick Americans into hacking voting machines to rig the…ummm..yeah, it’s dumb is the point.

Maybe this is an opportunity for us to give Hillary Clinton the reality check she desperately seems to need. Help share this everywhere and let her know “Trump is Why”.

(via: Liberty Writers)

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