[VIDEO] Trump Just Did Something No President Has Ever Done, and Americans Can’t Believe It

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President Trump has just gone and done something no president in living memory has ever even though of doing. And for good reason.

Time and again, Trump has proved he’s one of a kind. In so many ways, there’s never before been a president of the United States quite like the 45th.

This week, Trump was at it again, totally breaking the mold of what we all came to think a president was supposed to be.

But we need to remember, Trump’s no career politician. He’s a businessman, someone who understands the kind of true leadership that politicians have long since forgotten.

Trump’s the kind of guy who knows that to truly lead, you gotta do so from the front. So, rather than sit back and urge everyone else to help Texas recover from Hurricane Harvey, Trump’s gone and thrown his own money into the collection plate first.

I mean, when was the last time a sitting president made a major donation toward disaster recovery from his own pocket?

And, remember, Trump’s not taking a salary as president, so this truly is HIS OWN MONEY. It didn’t come from the taxpayers.

More than that, he’s now set a precedent. You can most likely expect the very same leadership and generosity any and ever time disaster strikes during Trump’s presidency.

(via: Conservative Post)

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